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It is with gratitude and much love that we would like to thank friends, family, staff, suppliers, strangers and every single soul involved in the devastating fires in Knysa who have come to the rescue of our beautiful town.

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Kilzer's Kitchen Sanlam Award 2014

Kilzer's Kitchen came 3rd in the annual Sanlam Knysna Awards for their consistenly excellent food and super efficient service levels at their renowned Kilzer's Kitchen Cookery School.

Kilzers Cookery Courses

And in the beginning ....
And so it is with Kilzers Kitchen the firm belief is that good foundations must be layed in order to acquire the necessary basic skills to become a good cook!

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Classy Cookies

From humble beginnings, Classy Cookies has evolved into a veritable buzz word amongst "those in the know". The fact is that the Kilzers, behind Classy Cookies have worked long and hard perfecting these decadent morsels - prepared from REAL butter, Lindt Chocolate and Pecan nuts to name but a few choice ingredients which go into the amazing range of Classy Cookies.

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Kilzers Cook 'n Look

Take a dash of speed, a bucket load of laughs and add to this 1 Albin, 1 Jenny, a generous sprinkling of fabulous Kilzers Kitchen personnel and the final ingredient, fold in the Kilzer daughters Gabi and Emma. Mix together vigorously on a Wednesday night adding a 3 course meal, fine wine and MUCH kitchen theatre (compliments of Albin and Jenny's kitchen banter) and you have the PERFECT, SUBLIME, FUN, FABULOUS and totally unique - KILZERS KITCHEN Cook n Look EVENING.

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Kilzer's Cookery School

Many chefs can cook "beautiful" food - not all however are capable of, or prepared to share this knowledge with others.

Albin and Jenny Kilzer both have a passion for cooking, teaching and people. Without this healthy combination - love of food, pleasure in sharing knowledge and love for people, there would be no cookery school. Indeed, this three sided love affair led to the establishment of Kilzers Kitchen Basics in 1999.

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Kilzers Kitchen Cook n Look Knysna