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Kilzer's Cookery School

Many chefs can cook "beautiful" food - not all however are capable of, or prepared to share this knowledge with others.

Albin and Jenny Kilzer both have a passion for cooking, teaching and people. Without this healthy combination - love of food, pleasure in sharing knowledge and love for people, there would be no cookery school. Indeed, this three sided love affair led to the establishment of Kilzers Kitchen Basics in 1999.

The Aim of Kilzers Kitchen Cookery School

Simply put, to take the guesswork out of cooking.

Many housewives prepare a meal for a dinner party, and it is a roaring success; a month later they prepare the same dish and it is a disaster with no idea why.

Without formal training, and the little they may have gleaned from their mothers, women cook intuitively, without understanding why they make the mistakes they do. Kilzers Cookery School helps teach individuals the basics of cooking as well as the correct methods of cooking.

Whether for housewives, husbands, domestic workers, hospitality industry employees, newlyweds or any interested party, the course takes the guesswork out of basic food preparation.

The goal, as the name Kilzers Kitchen Basics implies is to instill the basic foundation methods of cooking into the minds of students - along with the mastering of various practical hands-on cooking methods and skills. Once these foundations have been laid, it becomes automatically easier for the student to progress, and become more inventive and creative in their cooking.

The course emphasizes outcomes based learning. In other words:
"Outcomes-based training requires that at the end of a course the student must demonstrate that they have developed competence in a new skill, rather than merely understanding the theory of an activity".
So whether you are a newlywed food novice who does not know the difference between sago and play-dough, or which end of the raw chicken is the dead-end.

Kilzer's Kitchen is there to take the guesswork out of food preparation and to encourage creativity in cooking as well as to learn to improvise using any ingredients available in the kitchen.