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Recipes starting with S

  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Complexity: very easy


"Much to my delight, after years of making scones and finally developing my own scone recipe - we found out by default something really interesting this past weekend -
In the process of rushing to get a batch of scones into the oven for a group of our cookery students, I erronously placed the scone mixture into the muffin pans ( yes, we bake our scones in muffin pans so that there is no need to roll out the dough and then cut them, as the dough is a wet dough ) without having rubbed in the butter.

What to do ?? I scooped all of the dough mixture back into the mixing bowl, melted the 90g butter, mixed through the melted butter as gently as possible, threw the mixture back into the muffin pan, crossed my fingers - and baked the scones.

The result - the lightest, fluffiest scones that I have ever made. Intrigued, I repeated the "melted butter" process the folllowing day with the students - and lo and behold - the same results - light beautiful scones........ the conclusion: bugger scone tradition and use our shortcut method - using the same ingredients and measurements, but without having to rub the butter into the flour - just add melted butter to the yogurt and egg mixture, blend quickly with the dry ingredients and voila !!!"